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We invest in the training of the next generation of professionals

Paid practice stages and scholarships for students and MA students

Establishing a career in Kastamonu Romania gives one the opportunity to be part of a team where diversity, professional development and integrity are clearly noticed in people’s behaviors. Our objective is to create long term values, and in this purpose we are committed into offering interesting and challenging opportunities, backed up by a strategy based on a partnership between the employee and the employer.

Here, at Kastamonu Romania, we are currently implementing two programs dedicated to school and university students: practice stages (paid, unpaid or scholar) and scholarships.  Through the medium of  the two programs our company aims to support young people in establishing a career by sharing our vast experience and offering them the chance to be a part of the team for a while, in various departments of the factory. Although these programs are not new for us, them being implemented in previous years also, this year we set a new record in terms of participation: 79 school and university students, of which 23 in paid practice stages, 41 in scholar practice, 10 in unpaid practice and 5 scholarships.
In the paid practice stages, with an 8 hours per day program, 23 students attended from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Petru Maior University of Târgu Mureș and Transilvania University of Brașov which are currently studying in activity fields like Mechanical  Engineering,  Industrial Economics Engineering, Telecommunications and IT, Manufacturing Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics etc. They held their practice stages in departments like Logistics, Automation, Doorskin mechanics, Doorskin production, Sales, Marketing, IT, Accounting, Door factory etc.
They were paid with a gross salary of 1550 RON (almost 250 €) and meal vouchers. Even more, they had free accommodation and free food at the factory cafeteria. They also had the possibility of writing their degree thesis while being helped by their tutors.
The 1000$ scholarships are available for students from technical universities. Besides the financial boost, they are supported in developing a successful career, into an open and diversified working environment, with real chances of being promoted into a company which continuously invests in professional training and improvement. After graduation they have an ensured work position in our factory as long as we have openings. The year 2015 also comes with the 1st success of this program by employing a young graduate who benefited from the Kastamonu scholarship. Liviu Botezatu, graduate of Transilvania University of Brașov, is now part of the Kastamonu team, starting with August 2015. In 2016 Kastamonu Romania continued these programs, and preparations are already being made for the next year. Our specialists are already representing and promoting the company in several job fairs, mostly for students.

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Str. Ierbuș, nr. 37
Reghin, Jud. Mureș
cod 545300,

Contact Vânzări:
Fax: +4 0372 593 811

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