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This autumn our company, together with the Technological Highschool „Petru Maior” (from Reghin, Romania) will run an ambitious educational project, in order to satisfy the need of qualified personnel in the mechanic and electric domains. The project was initiated by our partners, engineers in mechanics and electrics, who know the most aspects of the situation in our factory regarding the great need of specialized workers in this two fields of activity; workers which accumulated as much knowledge as possible during their studying years, not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge, with direct applicability in Kastamonu’s activities. We are practically discussing about a new professional school class of 14 mechanics and 14 electricians, whose purpose is to educate our future colleagues according to the latest standards. The program is available for primary school graduates, will last for 3 years and will have the courses taught in Romanian language.

More efficient practice
After 2010, in Romania, the theoretical and practical qualification level dropped a lot in technical schools, mostly due to the decreased number of hours spent practicing by students. In fact, only a few of those hours were spent in factories anyway. Also the laboratories and workshops in schools are not properly equipped and the curriculum is outdated and not adapted to the ever changing technology.
The project focuses on the practical part, with direct applicability in our company’s activities. During the 1st year the students will have a ratio of 20% of their program as practice hours, in their 2nd year about 60% and in their 3rd year about 80%. Those hours will take place inside the Kastamonu factory, allowing the students to find out the most precious and useful information straight from our skilled employees in these domains.
Our company will also equip two laboratories inside the high school, so the students can also apply their theoretical knowledge.
The theoretical notions that will be taught are being mutually agreed by Kastamonu project leaders, so that all the information will be according to our factory’s activities.
Besides practical and theoretical classes, students will also study basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, history, geography and so on. They will get enough information in order to let them choose to continue their studies, if they wish so.
Accredited diploma
After graduating the three years of studies, the students will receive a qualification diploma in the profession they studied, a diploma which is accredited in Romania and EU. They are setting up a successful career quite early this way.  Studies conducted by several companies and by the Official Job Offering Market show that most of the available jobs nowadays are in the technical domain. This fact is also available for industrial cities like Reghin, Romania.
The Romanian Government  gives a monthly scholarship in a total value of 200 RON (about 45 €) to students that choose to study in a professional school. Besides, the students that will show high interest and implication will also receive consistent scholarships from Kastamonu. They can get an amount of 2800 RON (about 630 €) starting with the 1st year, and go up to 1000 $ during the 2nd and 3rd year.

All students who benefit in the 2nd and in the 3rd year from the Kastamonu Scholarship will have an ensured workplace in our company for at least 5 years after graduation. They will have the chance to apply and master everything they learned during those three years of studying. Even the students who have not benefited from the Kastamonu scholarship will have the chance to apply for a job in our company, based on recommendations and good evaluations received from their practice coordinators.

The 1st stage of the project already began by running a couple of presentations in primary schools, together with our partners from the “Petru Maior” High school. This way we would like to inform as many school students and parents as possible so we can select the best 28 future mechanics and electricians.

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