Doors factory

Two production units operate under this generic title, one in which HDF panels for cellular doors are manufactured (primed door skins), and a second one where door slabs are manufactured.

The basic product are the door skins which are sold under the Kastamonu group brand DOORPAN. We are talking about a collection of 16 models (Anatolia, Aspendos, Assos, Perge, Simena, Patara, Efes, Hittite, Sumela, Olympos, Artemis, Side, Bergama, Myra, Smirna, Truva) and six structures (oak, pine, mahogany, Cutters, Modern and Fantasy). In what concerns the variety of formats available, they differ from model to model.

Door slabs are complementary products, developed in order to cover an untapped niche in the market. DOORPAN door slabs are made from HDF doorskins which are pressed to a spruce timber frame with honeycomb core filling. In terms of diversity of patterns, doors slabs are closely following the door skins collection.

About Kastamonu

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Reghin, Mures county
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